Tree Service Scam

 I removed a stump for an retired couple yesterday.  They have a very manicured yard.  Judy spends a good part of each day pruning shrubs, planting flowers, weeding the vegetable garden, and vacuuming the pool.  She likes having a picture perfect yard. It is obvious she takes pride in her landscape.

 I am posting pictures of the eyesore a local tree service company left in her yard. This is a cut up sweetgum tree the tree cutter left in her yard. The company ignores her calls and doesn’t respond to the voicemails she leaves. She is going to have to pay to have the debis removed.  Again.

 Luckily, I contract for a lot of Tree Services and Landscapers.  I gave her the name to a couple of  honest companies that charge very little to load the sweetgum wood into a dump trailer and haul it to the dump. 

 If it had been hickory of oak, the shady company would not have left it behind. But sweetgum doesn’t make good firewood due to it’s criss-cross grain.  It simply can’t be split into firewood sized pieces.  It is considered a trash wood.

 The shady tree service used a clever sales pitch on the retired homeowners.  He told them that he believed that the 70 foot sweetgum that was leaning toward their house was dying.  He said it was a dangerous tree that could and someday would fall on their house if not removed.  He told them that if it did not have a hollow or rotten area in the trunk that he would remove it at No Cost!

 Well he was right on the money!  The dead limbs in the top of the tree was due to it having rot and a hollow spot in the trunk.  The couple was very thankful that this gentleman stopped when he spotted their dangerous tree. 

 The homeowners understood that because he didn’t have his dump trailer with him he would have to come back and get the wood and debris the next day.  Well tomorrow never came.  The mess is still there!

 These scammer know how to make you think you are getting a good deal. They know how to make you think you are very lucky they happened to be in the neighborhood.  Don’t make a decision at that moment.  Take their number and tell them you will call them later.

 Always check  the company out on the internet. Search engines are a shady or scamming company’s worse enemy! 

And remember,  Never pay until the job is 100% complete.

Or call me at 678-223-5201 or at . I contract for many Tree Service Companies and Landscapers and can tell you which are your best value and which to stay away from!


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